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Depending on the season, all properties gain or lose heat through their windows. Double and triple glazed windows are key elements in modern construction.

Our windows are supplied in a variety of types and shapes, each providing numerous options and accessories as shown in more detail below.

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The widest range of options available in today’s windows market


Casement Window


Sash Window


Tilt And Turn Window

Lifetime Sliding Sash Windows

  • We make each window individually using your choice of frame and glass.

    Made from one or more movable 'sashes' for maximum ventilation, you can also create the appearance of individual panes with cottage bars. Choose between double and triple glazing and wooden or uPVC frames, then make your choice of colour and fittings.
  • See how easy it is to transform your home and get a quote.

    » Give your home traditional charm with modern fittings
    » Smooth to open and draught-free when closed
    » Energy efficient – can help reduce your heating bills
    » Secure – shoot-bolt locks, key locking handles and toughened glass
    » Effective noise reduction – great for drowning out external sounds

Lifetime Casement Windows

  • We make each window individually using your choice of frame and glass.

    Casement windows are secure, energy-efficient and attractive. Available in uPVC, and timber, we'll design them especially for you in the colour and configuration of your choice. With top or side hinges, you can pick your glazing and finishing touches for a tailored look and high performance.
  • We make it easy for you to achieve the cost and energy savings you’re looking for

    » Allows maximum light into your rooms
    » Energy efficient – can help reduce your heating bills
    » Secure – shoot-bolt locks, key locking handles and toughened glass
    » Effective noise reduction – cutting down sounds from outside
    » Added heat retention – opt for A+ rated windows or triple glazing

Lifetime Tilt and Turn Windows

  • We make each window individually using your choice of frame and glass

    With a crisp, modern style that enhances any type of property, tilt and turn windows can be tilted for effective ventilation and turned for ease of cleaning from the inside. Made from energy-efficient materials, they will also help to keep you warm and your heating bills low.
  • Our craftsmen will make your tilt and turn windows to your exact specifications, ensuring that they fit perfectly

    » Tilt inwards for fresh air or 90 degrees for maximum ventilation
    » Enables safe cleaning from the inside
    » Energy efficient – can help reduce your heating bills
    » Secure – key locking handles, internal glazing, and toughened glass
    » Effective noise reduction – great for dampening external sounds

High Quality

Durable, elegant, and unique, every window is made for you only

Multiple Styles

A wide range of beautifully crafted and custom made PVC-U or timber windows

Affordable Pricing

Competitive pricing, hard to beat by our competitors at same quality level

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Privacy, ultimate light control, sound and thermal insulation for your home

Easy to Maintain

Very easy and simple to maintain and to extend their lifetime

Energy Efficient

Keep your room cool during the summer and warm during the winter

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Our PVC-U Sliding Sash Windows will link your internal residential spaces with the outside world. The gliding system will have you effortlessly inviting the morning sunlight into your home. These energy saving sliding windows also have the option of fitting retractable fly screens.

The Timber Sash Sliding window is both functional and durable - the key criteria for any sliding window. The ultimate low maintenance style due to few moving parts, the sliding window can be adapted into many architectural designs.

The operating sash slides effortlessly along it's track, providing a smooth opening and closing action that requires little maintenance. Ideal in locations where there is restricted space, timber sliding windows can be your design statement in laundries, bathrooms and kitchens.

The timber or PVC-U Casement Windows represents a classical era in window design. Created to allow more ventilation into your home, the casement windows captures the essence and tradition of the past and is often the preferred choice for heritage restorations or additions to classic homes.

The great advantage of casement windows is their ability to maximise and control the breeze and direct it into any area of your home. This is achieved by their unique 90° pivot stays, which open in such a way as to partially centre the sash, thus capturing the breeze from any direction.

Tilt and turn windows offer superior functionality with a convenient adjustment system, allowing the natural ventilation in your home, without sacrificing your security. Versatile and stylish, they are a great alternative to traditional windows. Our double glazed tilt and turn windows provide all the energy saving qualities of our other Timber or PVC-U made Windows.

Often chosen because of their functional design, Tilt and turn windows are ideal in situations where furniture or kitchen benches prevent easy access to the window.

Another feature of the Tilt and turn window is that it can be left partly open during inclement weather to allow continuous ventilation, while at the same time not letting in any of nature's undesirable elements. The timber Tilt and turn window is the perfect style to allow you to take in the views while allowing year round ventilation.